Friday, November 16, 2012

The Top Ten for Today

Musings from a mom spending a LOT more time with her children than usual++.

10. Sibling rivalry must surely begin immediately upon the birth of a sibling.

9. It matters not if you have 3 full (and fully functional) bathrooms; someONE will need someTHING urgently from the bathroom you choose, no matter WHICH ONE it is, as SOON as they hear the door close.

8. Your children will ignore you completely
 until you 

a. go into aforementioned bathroom 

b. get on the telephone 

c. get on the computer 

d. attempt to do any adult business at ALL 

e. close your eyes

7. There are far too many episodes of "Good Luck Charlie" and "Phineaus and Ferb" and you have seen them all more than 3 times each and when a new one comes on you actually find yourself saying "hey I haven't seen this one" and watching it in it's entirety even after the children leave the room.

6. No matter how quickly you change the channel from the show you were watching last night, they *will* see or hear something inappropriate and they *will* either have nightmares about it or repeat it!

5. If you plan an outside activity it *will* rain.

4. If you plan an indoor activity it *will* be absolutely the most perfect day to be outside.

3. Children still need a consistent bedtime even in the summer.
3A. Even if you let them stay up they will *not* sleep in.
3B. On very *rare* day they *do* sleep in, your internal clock (or the damn birds outside your window) will awaken you at o'dark thirty and you will absolutely *not* be able to go back to sleep no matter how hard you try.

2. Overtired children are VERY VERY grouchy.



#1. Just when you think you can't take another day or even moment: 

You will overhear your 4 year old to put her "babies" to bed, you will witness how loving she is with them and how she repeats the very bedtime routine to them as you have done with her thousands of time.


You will witness your 7 year old give *his* quarter for the candy machine to the boy who's candy dropped on the floor; sacrificing his own candy so that the other boy can get some more......

...and your heart will swell to overflowing and you know, I mean really *KNOW* that you're doing something right and you will be renewed to lovingly parent another day.

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